Boyce the Voice (2024)

Video Game / Interactive Media

Long story short: I learned how to code over COVID and started working on this nugget of a game idea. It began to sprawl and turned into this - Boyce the Voice. It's very silly and not a serious interrogation of anything really, but I had an extremely enjoyable time making it and tightening it up. I'm currently in the playtesting phase and intend to release this summer. It's quite unlike anything I've made in the past which is probably why it was so enjoyable to work on. You can wishlist it here.

Making a game was very very very difficult. It's a difficult thing to do. If anyone has completed one I commend you.

Heavily inspired by an old Playstation game "Parappa the Rapper" - you play Boyce an up and coming voice actor though 6 narratively driven stages. Again, it's a high level of stupidity and I wasn't sure where I was going with it at the best of times. It kinda just formed.