BOYCE [April 23rd, 2024]

My spare time has been somewhat consumed by working on my game.

REVIEW [December 31st, 2023]

What a strange year. It blew by pretty fast. Some highlights included: Presented Attribution Wars, continuing working on the board of EMMEDIA, participated in the Alberta Game Jam, a fairly steady stream of work on my upcoming indie game, and dipping my toes into Generative Art.

I'm actually fairly impressed with myself that I managed to update this site more than once this year (haha). Sometimes you tunnel into making the work to the point you forget that presenting it is part of the process.

Looking forward to a productive 2024.

LAUNCH [January 31st, 2023]

Thank you for visiting my small corner of the internet. It's difficult being a person with so many interests and then distilling that to what I think a potential audience would want  (I will say that it's been quite relieving to put all my work online in one big thwack, though). I'm still playing with the format, so consider this webpage to be a constant work-in-progress. Some small mid-ranged goals for this page in the future: