So, this is a fairly good example of how deep the rabbit hole goes. This piece was conceived in 2002 (!!), and I still embarrassingly hold out that I can complete it someday. It was heavy influenced by an Arvo Part piece I heard.

Lamb of God

I pitched to do a music video for Lamb of God. It was rejected. Probably a bit too techie/abstract for a metal band.


Probably better I didn't finish this one as it really was just a video game concept I had no way at the time to bring to life. Now with my coding skill I feel I should just do what I wanted to do back then - a proper 'shmup'.

That said it's a very niche genre and I just wanted to focus on the aesthetics. I wonder if there is some way to combine an extremely accessible gameplay style and still get the visual 'umpf' of a shmup.